Why Choose Cornerstone Manager?

Most construction management software requires repetitive data entry and lots of it. With Cornerstone Manager, the act of writing a subcontract, recording a submittal, or creating a request for proposal is all the data entry needed. From that point on follow up is automatic and reports and documentation are just a few mouse clicks away.

Issuing purchase orders and subcontracts, insurance certificate tracking, pricing and issuing change orders, assembling and justifying subcontractor and vendor contract amounts for draw forms, generating and tracking RFI's, requesting and transmitting submittals and logging the results. All these and more are managed by Cornerstone Manager using single occurrence data entry and a few mouse clicks. Tracking and following up on loose ends can now be done by low-level clerical staff instead of high-level project managers. Full reports are instantly available and will make you the most on-top-of-it company in the meeting.

Because Cornerstone Manager and its processes follow the standard practices of the industry, the amount of time it takes to learn to use our construction management software is minimal. Certainly in the first month the amount of time saved will exceed the amount of time spent learning and from that point on the time savings are all gain.

If you have been looking for a construction project management information solution you can use to accomplish key management tasks and minimize the amount of project manager time spent away from the high level work they do, you have just found it. Cornerstone Manager.